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Welcome to the website "Orthodontics - aesthetics & function", created by Dr. Ziad Zaza.

This website is made in order to shed light on the modern view of the orthodontic practice as integral part of a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of each patient, applying for dental care.

Orthodontics (Greek orthos - straight, Lat. Dens, dentis - tooth) – is a branch of dentistry dealing with the study of the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tooth-jaw anomalies. The first mention of attempts to remedy the situation of the teeth was found in the works of Hippocrates. Until modern times the works of ancient scholars have not been well developed, and only in 1728 Pierre Fauchard published the book "The Surgeon Dentist," in which one chapter was entirely devoted to problems of alignment of the teeth.

Over the years, the orthodontics as a science has progressed. Modern innovative approaches, the development of advanced technologies and increased patients’ demands for quality dental treatment have caused the expansion of the boundaries of orthodontics. In the modern conditions of the medicine the main task of an orthodontist – is to achieve integrity between function and aesthetics, that is to create a harmonious union of health and beauty.

Having examined the theoretical and practical aspects of orthodontics, we understand that the key is the concept of treatment, namely the active use of different areas of dentistry and medicine, bringing the entire arsenal of modern technologies and materials to achieve the best outcome for each patient.

The patient with the lack of information about orthodontic treatment can’t demand from their doctor a highly skilled approach to solving one problem or another the patient addressed the doctor with.

For this reason, we tried to provide quite a detailed description of all the stages of diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as time and conditions necessary for the understanding and beginning of the treatment, so that together with your doctor you could choose the best way to achieve perfect results.

Be healthy and happy!