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Orthodontic treatment with the extraction of teeth or without teeth extraction?

After turning to the orthodontist and a careful diagnosis, you can hear a proposal to remove the teeth for orthodontic reasons.

There are a number of factors, which can be the reason for the orthodontic treatment of teeth with the extraction. Such factors are very difficult to specify and the decision is taken individually for each individual patient.

The main thing to understand when making the decision to remove teeth is the fact that we must ensure solving the main tasks of orthodontic treatment, namely the creation of an ideal occlusion and a beautiful face profile, achieving a stable and functional treatment and attractive smile.

In cases where extraction is necessary, treatment without removal of the teeth entails a risk of:

1. unstable results;

2. poor facial aesthetics and smile (a convex profile as a consequence of excessive inclination of the teeth forward);

3. bad functional occlusion;

4. bone resorbtion and gum recession (in cases of insufficient bone stock before the treatment).

It should be noted that the extraction of teeth is a common option for camouflaging orthodontic treatment (see reference). If the prognosis of such treatment doesn’t lead to the expected results, you should think about the option of combined treatment (see orthognathic surgery).