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Choice of braces


2.transparent (ceramic & sapphire) ;




On the market there are many firms producing different types of braces and marketers actively advertise their products, creating a tough competition for both professionals and the patients in choosing one or the other braces.

Using a very wide range of orthodontic products in our practice and observing the long-term results of our work, we can say that the choice of the bracket system is an important factor, but not the one which defines the quality of the result.

Since the accuracy in the orthodontist’s work is an obligatory requirement of the treatment quality we use only certificated braces of leading manufacturers. In addition, our patients need to understand that braces are only one tool in the hands of an orthodontist, conducting the treatment, and only a proper diagnosis and treatment planning can guarantee a perfect result.

Usually we give the right to choose the type of braces to the patient (metal, ceramic, lingual ....). But, in some cases, we reserve the right of choice for us depending on the results of diagnostics and treatment scheme.

It should be noted that the mandatory conditions for fixing the braces system is the preliminary complete dental sanitation. For this it is necessary:

1.to undergo professional stomatological hygiene (removal of stones with a scaler and soft plaque with soda blasting);

2.treatment of all the cavities, and if necessary, replacement of old fillings;

3.re-filling of all the poorly filled sealed root canals;

4.treatment of gums and paradontium diseases;

5.extraction of third molars if strict indications.